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Our Story

Made by Real People. For Real People.

After more than a decade of experience in the sleep industry, we began to notice that we haven’t made enough of an impact on a chronically sleep deprived country. Something had to change in our products, our purpose and the way our customers experienced shopping for a new mattress. For those reasons we set out to streamline the process and develop a better mattress that can specifically address the most common sleep problems we all encounter on a nightly basis.

But we didn’t stop with the mattress. We understand that maximizing sleep is dependent on more than a mattress, so we sought to take the entire system to another level of comfort and support. Thus, we discovered tranquility at its finest: Quilbed, Quilsheets and Quilpillow.

The Triple Threat

We didn’t just design another bed. We designed a sleep system pursuing an unparalleled experience. Our mattress, sheets and pillows are great on their own – but together, they will change the way you sleep. Forever.


The Quilpillow utilizes Quilgel Memory Foam for spinal support and overall comfort. The pillow is ventilated for super airflow and won’t retain body heat, keeping you cool and well rested.


The unique Quilgel Memory Foam layers of the Quilbed combine to provide a supportive, comfortable and temperature-regulated sleep experience.

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Quilsheets are made of tencel, an eco-friendly, botanical fiber that’s silky to the touch. Featuring breathable construction and a universal fit, Quilsheets wick away moisture for cool comfort.

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We’ve Got You Covered

We believe in our products so much so that we offer a warranty that’s double that of most other brands… and with 100 nights to try it out risk free, there is nothing to lose sleep over.