Does Late-Night Exercise Effect Your Sleep?

There have been several studies on the effects of late-night exercise. It is known that exercise is one of the best science-backed ways to improve your sleep and health. It can enhance all aspects of sleep and has been known to reduce symptoms of insomnia. In one study, adults determined that exercise helped them fall asleep faster – almost nearly twice as fast. It also helped increased their sleep time by roughly 18%.

With all this evidence, it is possible that exercising too late in the day may cause sleep problems. This is due to the stimulatory effect of exercise. Exercising raises your core body temperature, increases your heart rate and prompts your system to release epinephrine, otherwise known as adrenaline. When your adrenaline is high and your brain is active, it may be difficult to wind down. However, there have been other studies that show there are no detrimental effects to exercising late in the day. Some have reported to exercising 35 minutes before bed and sleeping just as well as they did on nights they didn’t exercise at all. It all depends on the individual and how their body reacts to exercise.

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