Giving Back To<br>Our Communities
Going The Extra Mile

Giving Back To
Our Communities

We are committed to the communities that we serve. To demonstrate that commitment, we partner with local churches, organizations and charities to donate all returned mattresses for use as they deem necessary. (Find out more about product returns here.) If no charitable options are available in a particular area, we will work hard to find a suitable mattress recycler. At Quilbed, we believe we have a responsibility to reach out and assist those in need— and this is how we can play our part.

If you are a church, nonprofit organization or charity and would like to be a preferred charity for Quilbed donation, please fill out this form:

  • We work with organizations, churches and charities across the country to find new homes for returned Quilbeds. If your organization is interested in becoming a preferred charity, please fill out and submit the form below. Thank you!
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 Giving Back
 Giving Back
 Giving Back