Tips on Falling Asleep Naturally

Natural Ways to Fall Asleep Faster

Have you ever gone to bed and just laid there staring at the ceiling wishing you could fall asleep? We’ve all been there. You could be having issues falling asleep because you have a new lifestyle change, you’re stressed, or you’re suffering from a sleep disorder. While there are medications you can take to help you fall asleep, we want to give you some other remedies to help you fall asleep.


Try Drinking Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is known to relieve muscle tension and lower anxiety, helping you relax. Doing this could help you fall asleep. Drink your chamomile tea after dinner but be careful not to drink it too close to bedtime. It could make you get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.


Watch What Foods You Eat Before Bed

Certain foods can contain caffeine, like chocolate. Try avoiding caffeinated foods and try to eat foods that will help you sleep. Some examples are whole-grain crackers, bananas, a salad, or even a PB&J sandwich.


Get Some Sun

Sunlight can help you improve your sleep quality. You don’t necessarily have to be outside all day to get some sleep, but you can open the blinds to a window. Our sleep-wake cycle depends on light exposure to wake our bodies up and tell it when it’s time to wind down to go to sleep. Not getting enough natural light can contribute to sleep disturbances and in turn can lead to insomnia, anxiety, and so on.


Use Essential Oils to Help You Sleep

Essential oils are commonly extracted from trees, fruits, flowers, leaves and seeds. Some oils can help you fall asleep by giving you a relaxing atmosphere to unwind. Lavender and Chamomile are popular to help people feel calm and relaxed, which in turn helps you fall asleep.


Try Exercising During the Day

Exercising isn’t just for weight loss or toning your body. Along with the other health benefits exercise offers, it can help you sleep better. Even if it’s something like taking a walk after dinner, a simple workout can be beneficial.


Stick to a Nighttime Routine

We are creatures of habit. Whether we want to be or not, our bodies respond to routine. Making a routine and sticking to it will help your body recognize when it’s time for bed and will release melatonin. Melatonin helps you feel sleepy. Your routine can be something simple – like reading a book, taking a warm shower or bath, putting your phone down and relaxing, or anything. Sticking to this routine will help you fall asleep.


Create a Relaxing Environment

Making your bedroom a sleep-friendly place is a good way to make falling asleep easier. Having a dark, cool bedroom is ideal. Try removing electronics that give off blue light, turn off the notifications on your phone, and keep the curtains closed. It is important not to have the temperature up too high. It is recommended to have your bedroom anywhere from 60 – 67 degrees.