Why You Need A Sleep Schedule

Improving More Than Just Sleep

As kids, we had a bedtime. It was always the same time, especially on a school night. Some of us really hated those bedtime rules. But as we got older those rules changed, some even went away completely. And now as adults, we can do anything we want…. well at least when it comes to deciding when our bedtime will be and it’s not always consistent. If you have problems falling asleep or waking up, that just might be the problem. Studies have shown that sticking to a sleep schedule is more beneficial for your sleep patterns in the long-run.

Our bodies have an internal clock – otherwise known as the circadian rhythm. This plays a big role in regulating your sleep schedule. It tells you when it’s time to wake up and when it’s time to start going to bed. Ideally, your sleep schedule should be the same every night so your body can adjust to its new internal clock.

But why do we need to stick to a schedule? Can’t we just go to bed whenever we want? You can… but you won’t feel your best. An inconsistent sleep schedule can cause irritability, drowsiness, mood swings, concentration problems, memory problems, headaches and a decline in your cognitive skills. A study also shown people reporting restless sleep.

How do I stick to a consistent sleep schedule?

First, you need to listen to your body. Whether you’re the type that likes to stay up a little later or you’re the type that likes to get an early start, it’s important to stick to a certain time. For example, if 11 p.m. is the time you choose to go to bed, make sure that you’re laying down to go to sleep by then. Get your nighttime routine completed before the time you choose. It is also important to note that this new schedule it going to take some time to get used to. You might feel drowsy the first few days, but that is normal until your internal clock sets itself to this new schedule.

Sticking to a consistent sleep schedule will help with your long-term sleep patterns but it won’t solve it completely. There are many factors that go into getting a good night’s sleep. A sleep schedule is one of them but so is a good mattress. You can check both of those off your list with one of our Quilbed mattresses. Our mattresses are meticulously engineered for luxurious support and comfort.