The Quilpillow

A vital part of your sleep experience, Quilpillow. Utilizing Quilgel Memory Foam for spinal support and overall comfort, this unique pillow is also ventilated for optimal airflow and breathability for a cool, restful sleep environment.



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  • Product Details
    Construction & Materials

    The Quilpillow is made of Quilgel Memory Foam and has zoned ventilation for optimum airflow. Accompanying the Quilpillow is a soft rayon from bamboo velour, removable cover.


    Standard: 25” x 16”
    Queen: 29” x 16”
    King: 35” 16”

    Shipping Costs

    All Quilbed purchases feature free shipping.


    The Quilpillow is warrantied (from the date of purchase) for five years.

Beyond Just the Bed

We didn’t just set out to create the ultimate bed, we set out to create the ultimate sleep system. That’s why engineering the perfect pillow was a must. We applied the same Quilbed principles when engineering Quilpillow.

Our Design

Everyone has had experience with a bad pillow that loses shape over time or leaves you hot and sweaty. We wanted something different… something superior. We designed Quilpillow by pursuing the same benefits that are found in our Quilbed mattress: ideal support, unparalleled comfort and structural durability.

  • Support

    Like the Quilbed, the Quilpillow is constructed with Quilgel Memory Foam, providing ideal support for optimum spinal alignment.

  • Cool Comfort

    Featuring a unique, ventilated design, the Quilpillow does not retain body heat and allows for proper airflow.

  • Durable

    Although designed to conform perfectly to your head, the Quilpillow will not lose shape and is engineered for long-lasting durability.

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