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Our Sleep System

We didn’t just design a bed. We designed an unparalleled experience. This bed and the upgrade options are guaranteed to change the way you sleep…. Forever.

Quilsheets are made of tencel, an eco-friendly fiber that’s silky to the touch. With breathable fabric and a universal fit, the Quilsheets wick away moisture for cool comfort.

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The unique Quilgel Memory Foam provides a supportive, comfortable and temperature-regulated sleep surface. No more sleepless nights. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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Designed with Quilgel Memory Foam to provide comfort and proper spinal aligning support. This pillow is ventilated for optimal airflow to keep you cool and well-rested.

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We’ve Got You Covered

We believe in our products and offer a peace of mind warranty that is nearly double that of most other brands… And with 100 nights to try it out risk free, there is nothing to lose sleep over.

Our Design

A lot went into the design of the Quilbed. Its meticulously engineered layers offer the ultimate combination of luxurious comfort and support. From materials to design to the manufacturing processes, we’ve always kept one thing in mind— making the most restful, restorative sleep available to everyone.

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  • Adaptive Breathable Fabric

    Our stretch-knit fabric is designed to enhance the sleep surface by wicking away moisture and heat from the body so that Quilgel can softly contour to support the sleeper. Upgrade to the QuilCool Cover for an even cooler, more comfortable sleep!

  • Quilgel Memory Foam

    Quilgel Memory Foam helps regulate sleep temperature while providing individualized support and luxurious comfort.

  • Quil Foam

    This layer of Quil Foam provides additional support to the sleep surface. By making simple, subtle adjustments to the density of Quil Foam the mattress can become a softer, ultra-plush option.

  • Eco-Flex Base Foam

    This base foam provides the perfect stability and strength to the mattress so that Quilgel can be optimized for the best performance.


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